Vinyl for all

Square Records is a cozy little vinyl record shop located downtown Carrollton at 113 Bradley Street.

Tel:  470-370-0963

Because nothing feels as good as vinyl records sound.

Listen Up

Turntables and vinyl music at Square Records in downtown Carrollton Georgia.

We'll go out on a limb and state the obvious:  You're here because you're into music.

You want to wrap your hands around it and make it yours.

At least we hope so.

Because that's what great vinyl inspires you to do.

Musical nuances transport you in a way that streaming never does.

The joy of holding a new-to-you piece of vinyl, tenderly checking out its curves and grooves, learning just the way it plays....

The anticipation of hearing the needle drop and the first note sound through your speakers always leaves you wanting more.  

Needing more vinyl in your life.

You have every right to rock out to insanely good music and to expand your collection at the same time.

And we're here to help you do just that.

It's All Good

Vinyl Records and music memorabilia at Record Store downtown Carrollton on the Square Records.

We believe in quality.  It's that simple.

We sell vintage, used, and new vinyl.  

Sometimes the best-loved records have the greatest sounds.   

And we make sure of that before we put it out for you.

But we're more than a store... we're a community.

So stop on by, have a cup of coffee with us.  

Talk some music trivia.  

Ask questions.

Check out our expansive music memorabilia and collectibles.

Ask some more questions.  

Learn about music, and vinyl, and life.

Because that's what vinyl records--and we--are all about.  

Who We Are

Record collecting and collecting vinyl records in Carrollton at Square Records.

Bringing great vinyl to your life is our life.

Because... vinyl really is our life.  At least, it's Eric's life.  

He's collected vinyl since the tender age of 3 when his big brother handed Eric his fist KISS album....

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